Our inspiring principles


Running is beautiful. There are experiences that are better understood and enjoyed when they are lived. And those who dare to prepare, for the first time, a 5km, 10km, a half marathon, a full marathon, or those who are already experienced runners, feel the excitement and the good that running brings. Running, in fact, corresponds to a dimension "intrinsic to our human nature" (Daniele Vecchioni).
"His Word will Runa Swiftly"

(Psalm 147,15)


Running involves not only the body but also the mind and heart. Commitment, perseverance, discipline are some aspects that configure the lifestyle of a runner. Running also expresses a depth that involves the spiritual dimension, which goes beyond the physical aspect and that moves the desire, joy, passion.

The Easter dawn, Mary of Magdala, runs to announce that the tomb is empty:

“She ran (τρέχει) then and went to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one that Jesus loved, and said to them: 'They have taken the Lord out of the tomb and we do not know where they have placed him!”.
Gospel according to John 20,1-2

John and Peter also run to the tomb.

"Peter then went out with the other disciple and went to the tomb. They ran together both (ἔτρεχον δὲ οἱ δύο ὁμοῦ), but the other disciple ran faster (προέδραμεν τάχιον) than Peter and arrived first at the tomb".
Gospel according to John 20, 3-4.

The image of running - a powerful metaphor for life - also expresses the depth, tension, and joy of faith:

I have not yet reached the goal, I have not arrived at perfection; but I strive to run to conquer it (καταλάβω), because I too have been conquered (κατελήμφθην) by Christ Jesus
Letter to the Philippians 3,12

Sport and faith, together to help
"As love grows within you, so does beauty. For love is the beauty of the soul."
St. Augustine

The gift of gratuity, beauty, and solidarity
Gratuity contemplates beauty.
Running is simply beautiful. Running also has a great revealing power. It often gives new perspectives on the places where it is lived.
The San Francesco Marathon is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of creation in a place of blessing: Assisi.
At the same time, it will help to discover corners, colors, details that pilgrims or tourists do not always manage to visit.

La maratona nasce per aiutare. I runners nel momento in cui vivono una passione (la corsa), formeranno parte di un progetto di solidarietà. Perché “l’amore è la bellezza dell’anima” (Sant’Agostino).
La partecipazione alla maratona consentirà di unire la corsa e la solidarietà.
Registering for the marathon will support aid projects of the Diocese of Assisi and the civil institutions of the area, particularly for those who are most vulnerable.

"I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance"

(John 10:10)

What we believe in

The Gospel is the source of inspiration for the marathon
The marathon takes inspiration from the Gospel that is Jesus and the joy that comes from meeting Him.

Unity of the person: eurythmy or balance
The Greeks have a very beautiful word: eurythmy (εὖ "well" and ῥυθμός "rhythm").
In music and also in architecture, it is a term used to indicate the harmonious distribution of parts and balance.
It is beautiful, when you are feeling well inside, to feel well outside too. And it's beautiful when body and soul run together!

Route "Come with me!". Sports is inclusion
Together with the routes for the professionals, there will also be the route "Come with me!".
It's the walk/run dedicated to families, children, those who are just starting to run, those who want to run to help!
"Come with me!" is also aimed at teenagers and people with disabilities because we believe in integrated sports!

Environmental sustainability of the marathon and care for creation
In order to protect environmental sustainability, attention will be paid to the materials used, the reuse of structures, the use of eco-friendly and zero km products; eco-mobility, the study of waste reduction, recycling and raising awareness among participants in the care of creation.
A deep desire of the marathon is to transmit and spread the message of the encyclical "Laudato Sii".

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